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A. Monopolis was born in Corfu in 1976. He collaborates with the Department of Music of the Ionian University he is also a member of the Electro-acoustic Music Association of Greek Composers. For many year's he was event manager with his own productions house, being at the same time the coordinator on many festivals, and the Founder of O.S.C.S. NCO. From 2010 hi is producing prototypes and custom made sound devices branded as MoCM. His artistic impulse is expressed not only through music, but also through images and materials images.

In general, living in Corfu island (Greece) is very nice. It is also a productive place that let you at the same time to be in peace with your self. As it is an island far from the capital, the opportunities are limited and this makes your work and the hearsay of it quite hard. Especially on the non commercial music genre.
Yes, the environment in where you spend a lot of time, will definitely, at some point, influence your creation (and not only).

About Schools: I never like schools but, I never stop to love learning! So I have been very lucky that the Ionian university (wich includes supreme people) had the electoacustic music department and accepted me. Anyway, I think that the education is all around you and in your curiosity plus your need for learnning. The organized training centers “scools/universities, etc.” will give you some directions, but after that, you need to take it to the next step by yourself. If you don’t (academic or not) you are a product.

About noise music: Yes I'm, on the live gigs a big part of my set it is going dip into it. Notice that the more time passing by the more the different musical genres are getting divide, Some time you have to be a specialist to recognize the differs in-between a division of division of genres. I am more close to the electroacustic music which as an early electronic music it is very old, it is the beginning of all the electronic music scenes. So i think it is the base genre.. i am not good with names, the classic electroacustic / noiz composers have given me allot of influences and the newer generation how it gives me inspiration it is coming from many different Scenes.. So i can not name them :)



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